Climate change, social divide and economic instability are all symptoms of the same challenge: the pursuit of a new relationship between humans and nature. A new harmony within our societies and within our environment will lower the risk for our survival on earth.

At ADAT we believe in bottom-up processes started with a new civic and environmental consciousness to give us a ‘new future’. In these terms, our practice aims to unbound engagement in the citizenship throughout a different form of design.

That’s why we open up to different disciplines to understand our field as a form of Integrated Science: everything that was considered separate can now communicate; all information, whether it is chemical, physical or biological, can now be integrated.

Intervening with the environment can no longer be seen as specific or divided in terms of program and functioning. Our artificial contribution to the environment should consider holistically the impact it has on earth. Architecture as an overcoming of natural and artificial. A designer who is no longer an observer extraneous to reality, but a systemic part of the whole. A protagonist of the fourth industrial revolution - conscious and empirical - in tune with nature.

An adaptation that becomes evolution.

Every project is an opportunity to research disparate topics like material science, microclimatic solutions, energy technologies and social integration by mixing existing ingredients with innovative tools and finding solutions for your needs.

ADAT – covering the fertile field between disciplines for a new, shared utopia.